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Support Comparison Table

Self Standard Premium
Self-help resources
Public ticket creation1
Support ticket creation
Support hours23 9:00 - 17:00 8:00 - 20:00
Phone support
Screen shares & conference calls
Development escalation priority
Detailed road-map insight
  1. Tickets created in our public issue tracker don't fall under a SLA.
  2. All times in CE(S)T.
  3. Save for national holidays and weekends.
Initial Response Times Self Standard Premium
Level 1: Critical Best effort 8 hours 4 hours
Level 2: Major Best effort 12 hours 8 hours
Level 3: Medium Best effort 16 hours 16 hours
Level 4: Low Best effort 24 hours 24 hours

Support Includes

Assistance with:

  • purchased Marvelution products with a valid license or active subscription;
  • paid Marvelution products under evaluation;
  • issues during the installation of Marvelution products;
  • issues during upgrading of Marvelution products, expect when noted in documentation;
  • troubleshooting of problems with Marvelution products.

Support Does Not Include

  • Customers without a valid and current license or active subscription of Marvelution products;
  • Customized versions of Marvelution products (customized = original product code has been modified);
  • Support related to non Marvelution products;
  • Support related to retired Marvelution products;
  • Support for free Marvelution products, this includes all paid products with a free license or subscription;
  • Non-release versions of Marvelution products;
  • Development questions or requests;
  • Third-party application integrations;
  • Support for end-users;
  • Marvelution product training;
  • Support in languages other than Dutch or English;
  • Professional Services.

Premium Support

Key Benefits


  1. Current on Standard Support; Premium Support is an extension to Standard Support and as such require that you have up-to-date Standard Support.
  2. Timely Respond to Information Requests; Having the right information at the right time it crucial to resolve requests as fast as possible. In order for Premium Support to be truly successful it is important that the requested information is provided as quickly as possible to drive the investigation into the root cause and possible solutions. Requested information includes but is not limited to configuration files, log files, anonymized database backups, etc.
  3. Named Contacts;

    Premium Support requests must be filled by a named contact that is specified on the Premium Support subscription.

    • The contact may be a consultant or contractor, but must have an email address with the company domain name.
    • A email address used by the named contact must belong to a single person and not be a group or shared email addresses.

Support Resources


Read product installation, administration and usage guides.

Knowledge Base

Articles based on frequent asked questions and encountered issues.

Issue Tracker

Report bugs, request features, and track product development!

Support Portal

Portal for support tickets