Atlassian Add-on Development

More than ten years of experience developing add-ons that extend and enhance Atlassian products.

Server, Data-Center or Cloud

Whether its for Jira, Confluence, Bamboo or any other Atlassian product, Server, Data Center or Cloud at Marvelution you are at the right place to get your custom add-on developed. Where years of experience help you determine what you want or need and how this can best be implemented in an add-on.

Development Process

It all starts with that initial idea or need, that triggered you to reachout. This idea is then refined so that a development costs quote can be made after which development can start. If you don’t have an issue tracker and/or source repository (on Github or Bitbucket) available to track work done, then Marvelution can provide these during development and after release of the add-on.

Regular update calls will be held with all stakeholders in which progress is shown and discussed giving you the opportunity to give early feedback and adjust course if needed. Nothing is set in stone, but changes can result in additional costs and later delivery.

Cloud Add-on Hosting

Marvelution offers tailor made hosting solutions for any Cloud add-on developed. Primarily hosting will be done through Amazon Web Services but other cloud hosting providers or even private data centers are among the other options to outsource the hosting of your Cloud add-on.

So if you are missing functionality within an Atlassian Product, then get in touch to discuss you needs and get your quote for development of your add-on.