Built for seamless Atlassian Jenkins Integration

When it comes to Jenkins Jira plugins, there is only one option that empowers teams with bi-directional Integration, advanced automation, and more.

3 reasons to choose Marvelution over others

Marvelution goes beyond basic integration, offering advanced features for a more powerful and user-friendly experience as opposed to other Jenkins Jira plugin apps in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Bi-directional integration

Our bi-directional integration ensures real-time data exchange between Jenkins and Jira. Updates in one system automatically reflect in the other, keeping everyone informed and aligned for faster development cycles.

Automation capability

Automate repetitive tasks and complex workflows by setting rules to trigger Jenkins build updates and tests in Jira, freeing up valuable time so you and your team can focus on better organization and innovation.

Clear Actionable Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your development process directly within your Jira tickets. With this integration, managers can see Jenkins build status, job ownership, and other critical information at a glance in one place, enabling faster issue resolution and improved decision-making.

What’s the more capable option?

While Atlassian offers a great Jenkins for Jira integration, Marvelution fills the gap with a wider range of advanced features designed to optimize your development workflow.

Feature Jenkins Integration for Jira Jenkins for Jira
Bi-directional Integration
Yes. Syncs build information from Jenkins to related Jira tasks and allows users to trigger builds on Jenkins from Jira.
No. Only transmits Jenkins build information to Jira through a one-way connection so users are not able to trigger builds from Jira.
System-license integration
Yes. This app has system-license integration.
Yes. This app has system-license integration.
Yes with robust automation capabilities, users can set rules to automate tedious tasks and keep Jira updated.
Yes but with limited automation rules and filters.
Information History
Shows information relevant to the Jira task. Users can see the full build history and rule execution logs to get a complete report of Jenkins activity.
Shows only the latest build information. Users can’t see the entire build history on Jira.
Multiple Hosting Options
Yes. This app is available for both Cloud and Data Center. It is the only app that is Cloud-fortified and has passed the vigorous data center approval process.

Allows effortless migration between Cloud and Data Center.
No. This app is only available for Cloud.

They said it, not us…

I’m ready.
How do I get started?

Getting started is easy — download Jenkins Integration for Jira from the Atlassian Marketplace or talk to us if you’d like a personalized demo.