Taking a New Step in Secure Integration for Jira Cloud and Jenkins

We’re delighted to announce a new feature for the Jenkins Integration for Jira app! 

As more Atlassian users move to Jira Cloud, it’s become an issue for our customers using privately hosted Jenkins sites to enjoy bi-directional integration. If your Jenkins site isn’t accessible from Jira, you’ll be limited to uni-directional integration, which means that you’ll still have to manually log updates from Jira on Jenkins. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with ngrok, the leader in providing secure ingress to apps, APIs and devices and trusted by over five million developers around the world. This allows our customers who have private Jenkins sites to enjoy bi-directional integration. ngrok creates secure connections or ‘tunnels’ between a local development server – like a privately hosted Jenkins site – to cloud apps. 

If you have a privately hosted Jenkins site and use Jira Cloud, you can now enjoy seamless bi-directional integration between both sites. Not only is the tunnel completely secure, ngrok’s secure tunnels allow effortless access to any external network without the need to change firewall configurations or devise new IP infrastructure. 

Interested in trying it? To connect using the secure tunnels option, start by opening the “Manage Sites” option in the Jenkins Integration for Jira app and follow the steps to install the Jira Integration plugin on Jenkins. Once you’ve done this, select the new “Accessible Through Tunneling” option when registering a new Jenkins site in the app. 

Screenshot from Jenkins Integration for Jira app showing how to connect a Jenkins site
Choose the new “Accessible Through Tunnelling” option if you have a private Jenkins site!

You have the option here to include additional advanced options such as allowing automatic enabling of new Jenkins jobs on Jira, or to check if your site has CSRF Protection enabled. This is up to you to decide but we recommend checking these options to enable extra security and features. 

Screenshot from Jenkins Integration for Jira app showing advanced options.
We recommend enabling all the advanced options for a better experience.

Lastly, complete the integration by registering the Jira site on Jenkins. Do note that you must be an administrator to complete the registration.

Screenshot from Jenkins Integration for Jira app showing the last step to connect Jenkins site.
Last step is to connect your site and you’re done!

And that’s it! The app will automatically configure a secure tunnel connecting your Jenkins site with Jira with no additional configuration needed from you. It’s quick, easy, and without any required additional steps from you during set-up. 

Secure, bi-directional tunnel connection is a significant step towards improving the security and integration experience for any team. Not only will it improve data security, it will also allow you to create a more integrated workflow for development projects, provide new visibility into the status of builds and tasks, and open the door to advanced automation.

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