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My name is Mark Rekveld, I started open-sourcing projects in 2008. These projects, with its open-source subprojects, grew quickly. They unexpectedly led me to build apps for the Atlassian Marketplace.

I enjoy coding and want to get all the little details right. Jenkins Integration for Jira is an example. It started with solving my own problem.

I felt the integration process between Jenkins and Jira was inefficient so I built ways for me to do less work. It has never been one magic thing, it is many little things I have added over time which I have learned with the help of the Jenkins and Jira communities. Thank you.

This is a reason I personally deal with all support requests, I like helping users as they help me build things I’m happy with.

I build and maintain everything here in the Netherlands, I live about 20 km outside of Amsterdam.

I initially focused on Java software development after getting a bachelor’s degree in Informatics. I care about lean development and being a member of the open-source community.

Mark Rekveld

founder of Marvelution

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Marvelution through the years

Open source project Marvelution is founded by Mark Rekveld.


Jira Hudson Integration for server launches on Atlassian Marketplace.



Jenkins Integration for Jira (server) launches (replaces Jira Hudson Integration)

Marvelution BV is formed to continue development and provide Service-level agreement (SLA) support



Cloud version of Jenkins Integration for Jira launches

Data Center version of Jenkins Integration for Jira is approved.


Jenkins Integration Automation for Jira launches (server, data center and cloud).



Receives Silver Marketplace Partner status by Atlassian

Named a Top 10 Marketplace partner by CIO Applications Magazine. See all awards.


Trusted by small development shops to large corporations

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