Marvelution is a software development company that grew out of open-source projects. It all started in 2008 when Mark Rekveld open sourced his projects under the umbrella project Marvelution. This project with its open-source subprojects quickly grow and was the foundation Marvelution B.V. the company.

Mark Rekveld

After finishing his bachelor degree Informatics, Mark focused on Java software development. During his career he developed a real passion for lean development and open-source software. So much so that he started sharing his hobby projects as open-source software which founded the way for Marvelution B.V.

Mark is, next to his love for open-source development, also a big Google, Android and Atlassian fanatic!


The open source projects that where developed as part of the Marvelution project are considered to the foundation that allowed Marvelution B.V. to start. Because of this, Marvelution B.V. has adopted these projects and will continue to support and develop them.

View them at marvelution.org.